Veto Vito

A portrait of Vito Acconci by Jonathan Harris

Vito Acconci, now 74, is a kind of legendary figure in the art world. In the early 1970s, he made a series of performance art pieces that used his own body as both subject and tool. In Hand and Mouth, he repeatedly forced his fist into his mouth until he gagged. In Trademarks, he bit his own skin, and then made prints from the bite marks left by his teeth. In Seedbed, while visitors walked around an empty gallery, he hid below the floor, vocalizing sexual fantasies and masturbating. In the mid-1970s, Vito stopped doing performances, and turned to architecture, to which he’s been committed ever since. To Vito, work has always been the most important part of life. But a couple weeks ago, Vito got married, and his feelings have started to change.

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Veto Vito is a portrait of Vito Acconci by Jonathan Harris.

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